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Our jams, jellies, and fruit butters
are handmade in small batches using the most flavorful fruits and unique signature recipes.
We take great pride in our delicious preserves and our hopes of spreading happiness,
one jar at a time.


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Our Story

Nicole Paterson, Owner of NeatNick Preserves

My grandfather kept a larger-than-necessary garden every year. Every summer would challenge us to preserve as much of the produce from the garden as possible.

I grew up preserving with my grandmother. We started with strawberry jam when I was so little that my mom would get mad at my grandmother for having me on a chair that close to the stove.

Ever since, I’ve had an interest in food culture: in fact, I completed my master’s thesis on ancient olive oil presses. I returned to preserving five years ago, finding it to be both something I enjoy and a great way to stretch the season of a particular fruit or vegetable. Family and friends raved over jars I gave as gifts or opened to share during gatherings.

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