Honey Sweetened, Locally Sourced, and more!

Here at Neat Nick Preserves, we’ve been growing by leaps and bounds! We thought we’d spotlight a few new additions to our website that you might have missed, including:

  • Where we get the tasty produce, honey and other locally-made goodness that goes into our handmade products
  • Local businesses that feature our jams, jellies and preserves on the menu
  • Options for lower sugar, honey or syrup sweetened products
  • Our newest flavors

Find Us

Now when you click on Find Us in the menu you’ll have the option of discovering Stockists where you can buy our products locally, Partners (local restaurants and bakers using our products in their menu items), and how to Buy Online.

Locally Sourced

Here at Neat Nick Preserves, we take great pride in sourcing our delicious, high-quality ingredients as locally as possible. Here are a few of the places that supply us with what we need to fill our jams, jellies and preserves with the incredible flavors that delight our friends and fans.

Lower Sugar

Some products – butters, honey-sweetened – require us to add less sugar as we make them. We’ve compiled a list of what we currently have available.

Honey & Maple Sugar Sweetened

Our “Friends & Fans” feedback is important to us, and this is a prime example of why – we received so many requests for products that do not use granulated sugar as a sweetener that we now feature a handful of options! And of course we’ll update the list as we go.

Summer 2017 Products

So much produce, so many exciting opportunities for new and unique flavors now that summer is almost upon us! Click on the Products tab in the menu to keep up to date, or sign up for our e-newsletter for the latest and greatest!


Preserves for Preservation – Thank You!

Here at Neat Nick Preserves, we have strong connections to our local community, which is why shortly after we launched we decided to donate a dollar from every jar of preserves purchased during March and April to benefit the Ellicott City Partnership (ECP).

Founded in 2013, the ECP is a 501(c)3 organization located in Ellicott City, MD. It’s mission? To preserve the heritage and vitality of Historic Ellicott City while enhancing and creating economic growth.

And thus Preserves for Preservation was born!

We’re excited to report that friends and fans bought 435 jars of preserves during this event, which means we’ll be donating $435 to ECP!

In the words of Maureen Sweeney Smith, ECP Executive Director, “Ellicott City Partnership is thrilled to receive this donation from Neat Nick Preserves and plans to use the funds as part of the matching portion for a future Maryland Preservation Grant. Possible projects include a bronze plaque with interpretative signage for the the National Road Ten Mile Marker under the train bridge or replacing the flood level marker – attached to the bridge – which washed away in the July 30 flood.”

Friends and fans inspired to donate to support ECP, please click here with our thanks! It’s a wonderful organization doing great things for the community we call home.