(Photo credit Nate Pesce / Baltimore Sun Media Group)

“I love to cook and I love that people are getting enjoyment from something that I’m creating,” Paterson says. “It’s nice to be that happy moment in someone’s day.”

A captivating glimpse into the creation of Neat Nick Preserves and the vision of founder Nicole Paterson, written by Patti Restivo for Howard Magazine.

“More than three dozen varieties of Paterson’s sweet and savory jams, jellies and butters — carried by specialty shops in Baltimore, Ellicott City, Catonsville, Annapolis and Washington — are showing up online and at local festivals. Products range from classics, like brown sugar apple butter and Amish Christmas jam, to creative concoctions like honey and bourbon pear jam.”

Our thanks for such an engaging article, and congratulations to Nicole for the recognition of all of the hard work, focus, and commitment that goes into starting a community-based business as unique and impressive as the spreads she creates!

And thank you, as always, to the friends and fans and partners and collaborators who make it all possible.

(Italics indicate quotes taken directly from the published article.)